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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 14, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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lying to congress about using steroids while playing baseball. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. we begin with that story, downtown on the second day of testimony. the judge in the clemens' case disdeclared a mistrial after jurors saw evidence that was previously declared off limits. brian mooar has the latest from the courthouse. >> reporter: a judge declared a mistrial today in the federal perjury trial of baseball great roger clemens after prosecutors let the jury see previously banned testimony. that ruling raises a serious constitutional question. >> the 3-2. >> reporter: when the former all-star pitcher can be retried for the same crimes. >> the judge will hear arguments and we'll decide where to go from there. >> reporter: that hearing is scheduled for december, but clemens' team looked confident as he left the courthouse. >> i'm from boston. god bless you, thank you.
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>> reporter: clemens is accused of lying to congress back in 2008 during a hearing on performance enhancing drugs in major league baseball. >> someone isn't telling the truth. >> let me be clear. i have never taken steroids or hgh. >> reporter: former teammate, andy pettitte, was expected to be a critical witness. >> it is what it is, and like i said, really i can't say nothing about that, really. >> reporter: instead, he was central to the mistrial. prosecutors say they accidentally allowed jurors to see banned testimony from his wife that backed up petit's story. >> it was basically an affidavit from andy pettitte's wife on the screen. and basically what she said in this affidavit was, andy told me roger used hgh and steroids. >> reporter: judge reggie walton said he had no choice but to declare a mistrial, saying it was a mistake a first-year law student wouldn't make. >> that was brian mooar reporting. d.c. police are looking for two gunmen who attempted to rob an armored car in northwest washington today.
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according to police, two masked men approached a brinks truck parked near the national education association headquarters off 16th street at about noon. two brinks employees were on a scheduled pickup at the nea. one of the suspects pointed a gun at them, but one of the brinks employees intervened, and the suspects left the scene with no cash. police say both of the men were well-dressed, they used a stolen 2004 porsche cayenne to get away. no injuries were reported. a wild high-speed chase in maryland. a man stole a car with a woman and her toddler inside. hit a police cruiser, and then took off. it all started near a gas station on edmondson avenue in baltimore, and finally ended in montgomery county. near the cabin john parkway, the car slowed down enough so the mother was able to jump out with the baby. news4's megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: 22 -year-old tehrn
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white, accused of stealing a lexus, a woman and her baby still inside, and then leading police on a wild chase into montgomery county. it began after 10:00 p.m. with the robbery of a gas station in west baltimore. police say white was trying to flee the scene, and that he randomly jumped into the lexus to try and make his escape. inside was a 24-year-old woman and her 20-month-old son. police say white then sped down i-95, the woman and the child still with him inside the car. he then sideswiped a state trooper who was worked in a work zone. that trooper then gave chase. >> he lost sight of the vehicle, because the suspect in what we now know is a black lexus, turned off his head lights. so obviously, he was not visible to the trooper. >> reporter: another trooper took up the pursuit on the outer loop. >> the vehicle was also traveling somewhat erratically, so obviously there was some sort of distress within the vehicle.
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>> reporter: then near the cabin john parkway, the lexus slowed down, and the mother, clinging to her son, jumped out on to the highway. >> the car appeared to be going at low speeds when the mother and the infant actually exited the vehicle. and yes, the mother did look like she was really trying to protect that baby. the mother and the infant did land in a travel lane. however, because the trooper was behind that car, along with several other troopers and they were sort of guarding them, they remained unharmed. >> reporter: white is facing several charges, including kidnapping and assault. in montgomery county, megan mcgrath, news4. news4's pat collins talked with the woman who jumped with her child to safety. we'll hear from her, coming up on news4 at 5:00. we've got a heads up for metro riders. starting in august, the transit agency will close different metro stations every weekend over the next year as part of a massive repair program. the work targets recommendations
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from ntsb following metro's deadliest crash in its history back in 2009. metro officials say station closures are the best and safest ways to make repairs. the closure that will most likely have the biggest impact will be in november when national airport station will shut down the weekend before thanksgiving. work continues tonight on a water main break that happened yesterday in maryland. the work is happening in the 500 block of hampton park boulevard in capital heights. the 20-inch water main break happened just before yesterday morning, 10:00. today, 31 businesses remain without water service. no word on when those repairs will be completed. a traffic nightmare earlier today on i-395 crossing the 14th street bridge. there was a sinkhole created quite a lot of trouble for thousands of commuters. d-dot says a collapsed storm drain was the reason for the problem. the sink hole forced vehicles to avoid one lane of the hov lanes
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on the d.c. side of the 14th street bridge. traffic backed up all the way to near the springfield interchange. traffic should be a little bit better on 95 in virginia from now on. a fourth lane has just opened in it both directions between route 123 and prince william county and the fairfax county parkway. best of all, the lanes opened ahead of schedule. more than 200,000 vehicles use that six-mile stretch of road every day. later this evening, the d.c. council is holding a special meeting to vote on whether to extend the martin luther king avenue in the city. the new drive would stretch from the northern end of the current mlk avenue in southeast washington, across the 11th street bridge, down the freeway to the main avenue exit, and then down independence avenue and past the new mlk memorial. that memorial is set to open august 28th. today, former dc mayor adrian fenty talked to news4's
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tom sherwood. it was aga again knee's first interview since seven months ago when mayor gray took over. fenty said he is purposely staying low-key and is not commenting on the successes or controversies in the gray administration. it's an interview seen first on 4. >> reporter: you've been pretty much out of the city. are you purposely doing that, just to give the new folks space? >> oh, yeah. i am. you know, one of the things that i have learned over the years is that the best thing that you can do when you leave office is to, you know, give the new administration a real good chance to get things done and to stay out of their way. and that's what i've been trying to do. >> a full interview with fenty, including reaction to calls for him to run again at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. well, the weather is about to change, but it sure was nice today. not quite so humid. >> yeah, that mugginess is out
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of here. veronica johnson is in the storm center with details. we're loving it, veronica. >> it must be. i like the way you said that. outta here. after hot, sticky 90s, today we started a stretch of 80s. comfortable 80s. not all that long, but you know, we will take it. indeed, temperatures today were into the mid 80s across of the the area. humidity, way down. 32%. light wind out of the east at 13 miles per hour. here's a look at some of the temperatures throughout the area now. you folks in franconia at 84 degrees. landover, good afternoon to you, you're currently sitting at 80 degrees. 84 in morgan, and 82 in warrenton. and you can see how low the dew point temperatures are throughout the area. instead of being in the 60s and up around 70 degrees, we're seeing those dew point temperatures in the 50s. and just a few clouds out there. it is indeed a gorgeous day. and folks, a good day for waiting in line if you're a harry potter fan and you've got
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to take the little ones to the movies. 9:00, 75 degrees, 71 by 11:00 p.m. i'll be going to that midnight showing, by the way. here's a look at your fast forecast. gorgeous evening for us. comfortable weather for friday. we'll take a look at how long that's going to stick around and, yeah, that's right, way down the line it is summer so more hot weather, more high heat. and another heatwave, potentially building. back to you. >> veronica, thanks. lawmakers are due back at the white house in the next few minutes to resume work on a deal to raise the nation's borrowing limit and cut down on our debt. last night's session turned testy at the end. president obama and richmond republican eric cantor sharply disagreed, and the president abruptly left the meeting. >> reporter: he's the hero conservatives, house majority leader eric cantor says he will not bend on the key issue. >> that we don't want to raise taxes. >> reporter: cantor clashed with
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president obama in last night's talks. and cantor is so threatened speaker john boehner's power that boehner stepped in this afternoon to deny a rivalry. >> well, let me just say, we have been in this fight together. >> cantor is a very ambitious individual. ultimately, he wants to be speaker of the house. but if all of this blows up, then he is the fall guy in the negotiations. >> reporter: cantor's conservative house troops again today insisted, default is an obama scare tactic. >> the only way the checks for social security will not be going out is if the secretary of treasury orders the money that's there not to be spent on social security. >> reporter: that's why mcconnell wants to give the president sole authority to increase borrowing and give mr. obama the blame. >> if the president wants to
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threaten seniors or veterans or rattle the world's economy by pretending he can't pay our bills, he, of course, can do that. but he's not going to implicate republicans in these efforts. >> reporter: but cantor is still fighting for deeper spending cuts and for attention. >> if eric cantor decides everything, i fear we'll be in default. >> i'm glad eric is there. and those who have other opinions, they can keep them to themselves. >> reporter: back to the white house for talks with 20 days until possible default. are the now daily talks here helping at all? it's not clear. but rumors of a weekend marathon of debt-ceiling talks at camp david are being denied. i'i'm steve handelsman, news4, the white house. jim vance is one of the very few reporters invited to sit down with president obama for an exclusive interview about what d our region. he will also ask about his comfort here in washington.
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>> reporter: have you found it in any way -- can you call washington your part-time home now? you've been here a couple of years. are you in the groove? >> i tell you, michelle and the girls have fully embraced washington, because they can get out of the bubble a little more easily than i do. you know, if i go someplace, everybody has got to get magged and patted down, and so i'm pretty disruptive. but malia and sasha are doing great in school. they love the community. michelle has the opportunity to travel around the city. whenever i visit schools or parks or restaurants in d.c., you really get a sense that there is a real community here. this is not just about politics in this town. and, you know, the people here care deeply about what happens in washington and what's happening in the school system. and we care about it, too. >> vance will have a special report coming up tonight at 5:00
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and 6:00. we invite you to stay tuned for those. you know, we see them every week, it seems on date night. i think they're getting out just fine. he knows his restaurants here. >> yes. he seems to be very comfortable here. in the nation's capital. when news4 at 4:00 conditions, a country music legend is rushed to the hospital. nominations are out today for tvs top honor. we'll find out which of your favorite shows are in line for a chance to win an emmy. and harry potter fans are lining up for a chance to be among the first to see the new playing with your friends?
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country music legend loretta lynn has cancelled a weekend appearance at an ohio music festival. she was hospitalized for serious dehydration following days of extreme heat near her home in tennessee. she was scheduled to perform in the hills in belmont, ohio. the 76-year-old says she's sad she had to cancel any shows, and that she is looking forward to seeing her fans as soon as she's feeling better. well, the nominations are out for tvs top honors. the prime time emmy awards and
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our parent company, nbc universal is celebrating. >> nbc received 61 nominations. mark barger takes a look now at who is in the running this year. >> these are not the same people. >> reporter: with three state wins as best tv drama, "mad men" has a chance to make it four in a row after this morning's emmy nominations. best drama was among the show's 19 nominations overall, the most of any series. jon hamm and elizabeth moss also earned individual nominations. >> may i present my honored guests. >> reporter: competition includes a pair of hbo series. "game of thrones" and "board walk empire." also in the hunt, the showtime series, "dexter," "the good wife" and "friday night lights" starring kyle chandler and connie britain, also up for honors "modern family" led the
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pack among comedies, including best comedy. also in the chase for that award are the "big bang cheetheory" "" "the office" "30 rock" and "parks and recreation". steve car rel has yet to win an award. among his competitors, matt le blank in his comedy "episodes." marc barger, nbc news. the buzz is building for something that rock and roll hasn't seen in a long time. the super group. >> yeah, the group, this band is called super heavy. mick jagger, dave stewart, josh stone, ar raman who won oscars. the first cast of characters that formed the band, rock,
4:19 pm
regular reggae, pop and soul. a tour is due out this september. >> can't wait to hear it. coming up on news4, a scientific break through that's giving dentists and their patients a reason to smile. and why this man is wearing a pasta strainer on his driver's license photo. the answer is coming up. and for all of your news, be sure to follow news4 online. just search nbc was
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noirm now, this is more like it. >> yeah. >> just want it to hang on, right? at least for the weekend. >> as long as you can, you know, can keep it hanging on. >> right. gorgeous evening, indeed. gorgeous evening. it's been days since we've had an evening so nice. this low humidity, cooler air. through most of the weekend. 84 degrees is the current temperature out there right now. reagan national airport, your wind out of the east at 13 miles per hour. and look at the humidity. it's down to 32% right now.
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other temperatures across the area, we're in the low and mid 80s. 82 degrees in culpeper, manassas and warrenton at 82. south la plata, fredericksburg at 80 and 81 degrees. so cooler air and some very nice air. and that's how it's going to be over the next couple hours going through the overnight period. clear sky, temperatures will be dipping down to about 70 to 71 degrees. by 11:00 p.m. and midnight. and early tomorrow morning, into the 60s. 65 to 67 degrees. so very nice conditions. but, again, while this is going to hold through the weekend, it looks like next week we'll be looking at yet another heatwave building for much of the country. then that heat is going to start pressing eastward. temperatures around dallas, texas, 102. kansas city, 88. but memphis, tennessee, 93. heat expanding east. now, the weather front that moved through yesterday, showers and big-time storms through the
4:24 pm
south, places like atlanta, georgia and on through jacksonville, florida, all the way into spots through mississippi and alabama, getting some signature rain right now. the pattern for us, though, again, very hot pattern coming up next week. and one that does not offer very much rain at all. let's take a look at the forecast here. high pressure moving in. so nice conditions for your evening. another gorgeous day coming up tomorrow with sunshine. and then as we move through your saturday, yet more sunshine, any cloud cover will stay off to the west. and then we'll see some clouds moving in the early part of next week. so for your evening, from 78 to 83 degrees, your range in temperatures perfect july evening. couldn't ask for much better here for summer. we'll be talking about the full thunder moon coming up in a little bit. that will be early in the morning. mostly clear, a great morning, very comfortable start. 56 to 65 degrees. your winds tomorrow out of the southwest. so fantastic weather as we see highs tomorrow getting up to 83 to 87 degrees.
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beautiful conditions through, again, much of the weekend. we might hit 90 degrees on sunday. but then the extended forecast, again, shows the heat building and it's going to be humid, too. most of next week. so really enjoy these next couple days. >> okay. >> we'll do it. >> you can believe we will. thanks. still to come on news4 at 4:00, the chilling confession in the murder of an 8-year-old brooklyn boy. and food-makers. and food-makers. get toge[ bell ringing ] ♪
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welcome back, everybody. at 4:30, i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here's what's happening in the news at this hour. a federal judge has declared a mistrial in the case against former baseball star roger clemens. the judge said prosecutors violated his orders by showing a banned video to the jury. clemens is accused of lying to congress about taking performance-enhancing drugs. a hearing in september will determine whether there will be a new trial. maryland state police are investigating a carjacking that led to a high-speed dramatic chase. 22-year-old tyrone white is accused of stealing a car in baltimore with a woman and her baby still inside. then speeding down i-95 into montgomery county. the woman jumped to safety with her child. neither was hurt. we'll hear from her, coming up on news4 at 5:00 tonight.
4:29 pm
news4's jim vance sat down with president obama late this afternoon for a one-on-one interview at the white house about the budget ceiling negotiations. the debt ceiling negotiations. vance will have a special report on that, coming up on news4 at 5:00, and at 6:00. busy day in the news here. up on wall street, stocks losing ground after federal reserve board chair ben bernanke said the central bank won't take more action unless the economy takes a big turn for the worse. the dow lost 54 points. the nasdaq down 34, and the s&p slipped by 9. detectives in new york are now digging a little deeper into the life of a man suspected in the murder of an 8-year-old boy. police say the boy got lost-his walk home from day camp. he then apparently asked for directions from a man who they say ended up killing him. jeff rossen has the latest in the case. >> reporter: wednesday night, thousands mourned the loss of a
4:30 pm
little boy. these are the last images ever taken of 8-year-old cretzky, surveillance showing him walkinging down the sidewalk on the way to meet his mom. he took a wrong turn and police say asked a man for directions. you can see him walking behind him. minutes later, they walk back, and police say he gets into the man's car. never to be seen again. >> my pain is because i know the kid. i saw him. very friendly, very nice boy. very nice boy. >> reporter: after days of searching, police got a tip from a dentist's office on the block where he disappeared. police rushed to the home of 35-year-old levy aaron. >> when detectives asked where the boy was, aaron nodded toward the kitchen. where detectives observed blood on the freezer handle of the refrigerator. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell nbc news aaron confessed, telling them he drove
4:31 pm
him to a wedding. then brought him to his house, where he watched tv and then fell asleep. the next day, aaron told police he saw the flyers about his disappearance and told them, i panicked and was afraid. went for a towel to smother him. police say the boy's body was dismembered, with body parts found in the suspect's freezer and a nearby dumpster. police sources say the confession ends, i understand this may be wrong, and i'm sorry for the hurt that i have caused. >> i'm still in shock. i need some time to process what's happening in this neighborhood. >> reporter: this is a tight-knit community where ultra orthodox jews live together and protect each other. his accused killer, an orthodox jew. >> this was not some stranger who came from somewhere else. someone from within the community. >> reporter: aaron lived with his father, worked at a hardware store, no record of violent crime. he's divorced, once married to
4:32 pm
this woman. >> i never once saw anything out of the ordinary or anything like that. ever. >> reporter: aaron's lawyer had only this to say. >> our condolences to the family of the victim, and at this time we're going to let the judicial process take its course. no further comment. >> the medical examiner's office in new york is still conducting tests to term the exact cause of the boy's death. family and close friends gathered today at a church in grand rapids, michigan for the final funeral service for the late betty ford. there was a public viewing earlier today at the gerald ford presidential museum in grand rapids, their hometown. dozens of people lined to pay their respects. later today, the former first lady will be laid to rest. next to her husband on the museum grounds. mrs. ford died last friday at the age of 93. there's a lot of sugar and fat in food marketed to kids these days. but that's about to change. however, whether the change is a
4:33 pm
lot or a whole lot, is right now up in the air. an alliance of food-makers, including kellogg's, general mills and fast food restaurants have unveiled their guidelines. they include not adding sugar to juices, no more than 10 grams of sugar in cereal, and a 350 calorie limit on main dishes like canned spaghetti. the guidelines are tough, but not as tough as proposed by the government. final guidelines could be issued by the end of the year. >> we up with all of that, didn't we? coming up on news4 at 4:00, media mogul rupert murdoch could be facing questions from the u.k. and the u.s. because of the hacking scandal still rocking great britain. and did you mix potions when you were at camp?
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to being a routine. >> radcliffe says "deathly hallows part 2" is his favorite movie in the series. and while kids across the country are gearing up for the movie, the harry potter experience is also extending to one summer camp. jerryd hensaw shows us how some kids in virtue remember virginia
4:38 pm
are having a little fun with fantasy and learning a lesson in chemistry at the same time. >> reporter: smoking marshmallows, flaming jars and exploding balloons. it's all part of the potions class at hogwarts summer camp. >> somebody is under the influence of the poly juice possession or i am peer i couldn't say curse. >> she teaches a course with a chemistry professor. >> they're getting a sense of what it's like to be in that kind of atmosphere. potions is kind of a cross between chemistry and what's called herbology. >> reporter: she was the very first person to write a harry potter collection of essays and is recognized for her expertise worldwide. the harry potter series is more about wands. it has an academic value. >> it has more children interested in reading. >> reporter: the students in this class have read all of the books, which total more than 5,000 pages of reading.
4:39 pm
with the final movie, "the deathly hallows part 2" coming out friday, i asked her what it means now that the franchise is reaching its end. >> i think it's sad for those of us who have had the experience of going to the book store at midnight and waiting for the books to come out. >> reporter: she says harry potter won't simply fade away. she calls it the star wars of this generation, and says its impact will be felt by muggles, young and old, for generations to come. >> of course, this is just one of many potter camps across the country. others allow kids to dress up and they play the parts of their favorite characters. which is a lot of fun. >> oh, yeah. hard to believe this is it. it's over after this, huh? >> no more muggles. >> yeah. coming up on news4 at 4:00, a warning for parents about the growing use of synthetic marijuana. and a scientific breakthrough that is giving dentists and their patients a reason to
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4:42 pm
one of the world's most wanted frogs has been found. researchers say this is the first photo ever taken of the bo bornio rainbow toad. scientists feared it was instinct and put it on the top ten list of most wanted frogs. it turned up in malaysia after
4:43 pm
months of searching. but scientists won't say exactly where. they want to make sure this guy doesn't end up in a pet store near you. >> and you'll get warts. >> yeah, there were a lot of warts on that. he must have been kissing another frog. >> i like the color. very colorful guy. well, our weather was just absolutely gorgeous today. >> and friday it's going to be great, too. some folks have the day off tomorrow, right? well, not us, right? we're going to be right here. let's take a look and see what's going on across the area. pretty blue sky, very puffy white clouds out there. 84, the temperature. and, again, it's very low humidity throughout the area. a little bit of a light breeze. there's a look at some of the dew point temperatures throughout the area from 48 degrees in college park, 51 in d.c., and 49 in ft. belvoir. dry air over us, and boy, it's going to give way to a very nice start tomorrow morning, 65 to 67 degrees. and 5:00 and 7:00 a.m., sun up tomorrow at 5:55.
4:44 pm
here's current temperatures throughout the area now. low and mid 80s throughout. if you're going to the beach this weekend, the water temperature right now is running at 73 degrees. in the bay, it's running at 80 degrees. so a big difference there. but cooling off, you might want to do that this weekend. you'll certainly want to do it next week, because it looks like another heatwave building. from sunshine throughout the weekend, great weekend for ocean city, and even rah hobby agent. beautiful conditions coming up the next couple days. now, sunday we'll see a high temperature around 90 degrees. 90 degrees on sunday, a little bit of humidity. we'll try to build on sunday. 93 degrees, the high temperature for monday right now. taken the rain out of monday. next chance of rain, i know we're getting into dry period here, is tuesday of next week. buttel it will be very hot and sticky. a couple days next week we could see the heat endetection over
4:45 pm
100 degrees. i told you earlier about the full thunder moon. 2:38 in the morning, we've got a full moon. and officially, that marks the mid part of summer. we call it a full thunder moon, because, of course, july, we get so many thunderstorms around the area. and you can call it other things, too, like the full buck moon and there's a couple others like the hay moon, too. >> and the days are getting shorter. >> they are. >> hate when that happens. >> we may not be here tomorrow. you committed us -- we changed our mind. we reevaluated our vacation requests. young adults are using it to get a legal high. it's called synthetic pot sold everywhere from gas stations to liquor stores. now there's increasing evidence that it's anything but safe. >> and as one mother found out, it can even be deadly. here's nbc's john yang. >> reporter: for karen donner, her youngest child was just about perfect.
4:46 pm
>> max was 1 in a million. he was the best son you could ever imagine. i was so blessed. >> reporter: so something didn't add up when sheriff's detective called her one evening in june to say that the 19-year-old had died in a car crash, speeding through a stop sign, hitting a retaining wall, flying 80 feet through the air, and crashing into a 2-year-old's bedroom. the car was going so fast that the engine broke free and slammed through four more rooms. luckily, no one was inside. >> it was the worst moment of my life. >> reporter: at the hospital, her oldest son had something to tell her. >> he said max called me right before he died, and he said, "i smoked some legal stuff. i smoked that legal stuff." and my heart is pounding, and i'm having a panic attack. >> reporter: while autopsy reports haven't been released yet, karen says that legal stuff
4:47 pm
was synthetic marijuana. it's sold in gas stations, convenience stores and liquor stores like the one we visited with a hidden camera. it's an estimated $5 billion a year business. it's treated with various chemical compounds, that's what gives it its kick. as soon as one formulation is banned, manufacturers change the ingredients, keeping one step ahead of the law. this is what it looks like. like crushed leaves or grass. this one says it's marshmallow leaf. the active ingredient is something that mimics the key ingredient in marijuana. and it can't be detected by any standard drug test. the packages are clearly labeled "not for human consumption." but word of its off-label use has clearly spread. youtube videos review the effects of smoking various brands. this one called zero gravity promises a state of floating and weightlessness, the feeling of being in outer space. karen donner believes that can lead to devastating
4:48 pm
consequences. she is setting up a foundation called "to the maximus" to spretd the word. >> i think max would have want wanted to make a difference and i'm hoping we can do that for him. >> synthetic pot is often marketed as herbal incense. there are several different brands including k2 and spice. here is a medical advance you can sink your teeth into. scientists say they have formed real teeth from stem cells in a lab. and they work just like regular teeth. but anyone looking for a new set of pearly whites that don't look like dentures will have to wait a while. researchers have only been able to manufacturer teeth for mice so far. those have got to be tiny. and they say this is a great step toward growing teeth in humans, though. >> fascinating stuff. we've got some breaking news from maryland. these are live pictures of chopper 4 above the scene of a multivehicle crash in the bowie area.
4:49 pm
a police vehicle is involved. there are reports from the scene that it was a head-on crash, and that at least one victim was medevaced to the hospital, suffering nonlife threatening injuries. >> there is all happening in the area of old crane highway and science drive in the medford office park area. again, live pictures from chopper 4, bowie, maryland. still to come on news4 at 4:00, what would possess a man to fight to wear a pasta strainer on his head to take his driver's license photo? we have no idea. but we'll tell you when we come back. coming up on news4 at 5:00 tonight, dulles drug ring busted. the local connection to an international trafficking scheme to sneak heroin into our country. speed up or move over. that's the warning from local county as it takes aim at slow drivers who drive in the fast lane, slowing down the rest of the traffic.
4:50 pm
details about a new plan of action tonight at 5:00. and stick around for an exclusive report tonight at 6:00. the president still engaged today over the battle the debt ceiling, but he took a minute out to talk
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
driver's license photos rarely good. some of you might prefer to wear a bag over your head when you
4:53 pm
get yours taken. what about wearing a colinder instead? an as tree an man has been to pasta strainer. he is an atheist and wanted to test a law that only religious head coverings are allowed, so he said he was a member of the church of the flying spaghetti monster. well, it took three years, and a psychological test but he did get the picture taken, as you see. that's a tiny colinder or a big head. one or the area. amazon is reportedly preparing to take on apple this fall with its own tablet computer. insiders tell the "wall street journal" the new ipad rival should be available in october. just in time for the holidays. the device would compliment amazon's large digital collection of movies, music and e books available for rent or purchase.
4:54 pm
but unlike the ipad, amazon's tablet reportedly won't feature a camera. no word on how much it will cost you. or you when you get it for me for a christmas gift, just in time for the holidays. >> i may need to save a few pennies. >> sounds like it. coming up, media mogul rupert murdoch could be facing questions from lawmakers in the u.k. and u.s. because of the hacking scandal still rocking great britain. >> for all your news, be sure to follow news4 online. just search nbc washington on facebook and
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we make the time to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, but what we should also be celebrating are the moments. the ones that could have been just another day but became extraordinary memories. moments when we learn about the world that came before us
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and a little more about ourselves. let's celebrate together. colonial williamsburg. come, be part of the story. plan your stay at, with packages starting at just $99 per person per night. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test.
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media mogul rupert murdoch will answer questions about the phone hacking scandal at his newspaper, "the news of the world." >> this scandal is widening to include accusations of eaves dropping and police bribery. public outrage has already forced murdoch's company, news corp, to abandon abid to take full control of britain's sky broadcasting. stephanie gosk has the latest. >> reporter: even after the scandal forced him to pull out of the biggest deal in history -- >> order, order! the honorable lady will be quiet. >> reporter: british politicians unleashed another tirade in the parliament. >> on an industrial scale, and
4:58 pm
dependent on links with the british criminal underworld. >> the scandal with seven arrests so far has rocked the second largest media company in the world and is now spreading across the atlantic. there are calls on capitol hill for separate u.s.-led investigations. if "news of the world" bribed british police officers as scott lard yard alleges, they may have broken u.s. law. >> "news corp" is an american corporation and they are bound by american laws, rarld regardless of where the offense takes place. >> reporter: u.s. politicians are also latching on to an unconfirmed report in britain's "daily mirror" from an unnamed source that "news of the world" hacked phones belonging to 9/11 victims. >> reporter: the allegations first appeared sunday and in light of growing congressional concerns, we phoned "news international" a subsidiary of "news corp" and they tell us they have no evidence the
4:59 pm
allegations are true. stephanie gosk, nbc news, london. that's news4 at 4:00. >> stay right there. news4 at 5:00 is next. jim vance's exclusive one-on-one interview with president obama at the white house. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. first at 5:00 tonight, a mother and baby carjacked. >> i asked him to pull over thousands of times. i said, "just let me get the baby out, you can have the car, just let me get the baby out". >> from the high paid chase to the daring escape, see how she made it out alive. >> good evening, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jimland handly, wendy has the evening off. it was a trail of terror. the two were taken on a wild ride. it ended on our beltway in montgomery county as the woman grabbed her baby and jumped out
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